Node Operator Rewards

As mentioned in the Play to Earn & Reward Pool section, there are 3,750,000 SPS tokens per month allocated to a reward pool for SPS Chain node operators. 10%, or 375,000, of the monthly total will be allocated as block validation rewards for the accounts that receive staked SPS votes and are assigned specific blocks to validate, and the remaining 3,375,000 SPS / month will be split equally between all of the LICENSE token holders that are actively running the node software.

While at first it might seem that only a small amount is being allocated to the voted validators, please keep in mind that there will only be a relatively small number of validators that receive the lion's share of the votes, so this 375k SPS / month will be split among a small group of accounts. Likely no more than 50 - 100 in total, with the top 10-20 receiving the majority of the rewards. If we assume 50 validators are splitting that equally, then they would each get 7500 SPS / month. In reality, the top voted validators will receive significantly more than that, as the rewards are proportional to the number of votes received.

Please note that it will also be possible to earn from both pools if you have one or more LICENSE tokens and some staked SPS voting for you. It is expected that many, if not all, of the top voted validators will also hold licenses (though it is not required).

LICENSE token holders will receive an equal share of the 3,375,000 SPS / month rewards per license they hold in their account as long as they are running an active SPS Chain node. The SPS Chain node software will periodically publish transactions to the Hive blockchain that will prove that the software is being run in order to receive the rewards.

In addition to the SPS rewards, there is also a pool of 20,000 VOUCHER tokens per day that are allocated to SPS Chain node license holders in order to provide further incentive for purchasing LICENSE tokens and running nodes. This pool will also be allocated equally per LICENSE token to all holders that are actively running an SPS Chain node. Please see the Vouchers page for more information on VOUCHER tokens.

Initially, the SPS and VOUCHER token pools for SPS Chain node operators will be split among all LICENSE token holders simply for holding the tokens. The requirement that LICENSE token holders need to be actively operating an SPS Chain validator node in order to earn rewards will be implemented after the validator software is released publicly and the SPS Chain "mainnet" goes live.

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