Proposal Topics

While users may submit proposals about anything they want, it is important to understand what aspects of the ecosystem are within the purview of the DAO vs the Splinterlands company. The DAO controls all aspects of the SPS, VOUCHER, and LICENSE tokens including the supply, issuance rate, distribution, etc. The DAO also controls all funds held by the SPS foundation. This means that any aspects relating to any of those items are subject to change through governance proposals without requiring any type of approval by the Splinterlands company.

All aspects of the Splinterlands game product, the Splinterlands website, and any other products or services provided by the Splinterlands company, are fully owned, maintained, and operated by the Splinterlands company and are not controlled by the SPS DAO. That being said, the Splinterlands company fully welcomes and encourages participants in the SPS DAO to submit governance proposals for any changes they would like to see the Splinterlands company make.

Any such proposals that are approved by the SPS token holder community will be strongly considered by the company, but it will ultimately be up to the company as to whether or not they are implemented. Over time, the company intends to slowly migrate more of the game over to the SPS Chain software (including DEC, card and other NFTs, land, etc) which would then put them under the control of the DAO.

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