In-Game Governance

The primary purpose and utility of the Splintershards (SPS) token within the game will be participating in governance. Splinterlands plans to introduce a governance voting system into the game platform that will allow players holding staked SPS tokens to vote for or against different proposed changes to the game and ecosystem.
Each staked SPS token will be worth one vote, so the more SPS tokens a player has staked, the more they will be able to influence the results of the votes. Furthermore, anyone will be able to submit a governance proposal for voting provided that they pay a fee in SPS tokens which will be burned.
As always, all transactions involving submitting and voting on game-related governance proposals will be published on the Hive blockchain. A new page will be added to the Splinterlands website that will provide a user-friendly interface for viewing, creating, and voting on governance proposals.
Various aspects of the game will be directly coded into the governance system over time so that they will automatically be updated when/if a governance proposal is approved by the SPS stakeholders, without requiring any intervention from the Splinterlands team.
Players may also submit governance proposals for changes that have not yet been added to the governance system, and if they are approved with a significant amount of SPS stake then the Splinterlands team will seriously consider implementing the requested changes.
Some examples of items that may be coded into the governance system over time are:
  • Splinterlands-sponsored tournament schedule, settings, and prizes
  • Card balance updates
  • Quest, season, and leaderboard rewards
  • Battle settings (time limits, mana cap, rulesets, inactive splinters, etc.)
  • DEC inflation pools

Proxy Voting

Similar to the ability to proxy witness votes on the Hive blockchain, Splinterlands players will be able to proxy their voting rights via their staked SPS tokens to another account. Please note that this will ONLY proxy voting rights for in-game governance proposals. The staked SPS tokens will still be in the original owner's account and can be used to stake on players and participate in promotions as normal.