Release Schedule

It is expected that the Binance Smart Chain contracts for the DAO and oracle systems will take a considerable amount of time to build and adequately test, including third-party audits, so rather than waiting for that to be completed the Splinterlands team is planning to release the token and begin the airdrop in-game while that is being developed. The rest of the in-game mechanics around the SPS tokens are also planned to be developed in parallel with the BSC smart contracts and released in phases as they are completed.
A very high-level, rough timeline for the planned releases of each of the features is below: LAST UPDATED December, 2021
Estimated Launch Timeline
SPS Token Release & Airdrop Start
SPS Bridges between the Splinterlands Platform, BSC, and other External Chains
SPS LP Incentives
RELEASED (via various external farms)
SPS Tournament Prizes
SPS Staking Rewards
SPS Validator Nodes / DAO / Oracles
Q1 2022
SPS Ranked Battle Rewards
Q2 2022
SPS Guild Brawl Rewards
Q2 2022
In-Game Governance
Q2 2022
SPS Land Expansion Rewards
Q4 2022
Splinterlands is working on bringing on additional engineers and other resources for the development of the SPS token ecosystem so that it can be built in parallel with the land expansion development; however, it is possible that some portions of the land expansion as well as other items on the roadmap may be delayed either directly or indirectly as a result. Ultimately it was decided that releasing the SPS token, with everything it brings, was important enough to do in parallel with, and potentially causing some delays for the other features being developed, rather than waiting until afterwards.