Land Expansion

The land expansion is the next major evolution of the Splinterlands game which is planned to be released in phases over the course of the year. The details and economy of the expansion are still being designed, and information on how SPS tokens can be earned via land ownership will become available as it nears release.

While the details of the land expansion are outside the scope of this document, it is important to note that the expansion is planned to be almost an entire new game within the current Splinterlands game, and will allow land owners (or renters) full control over the minting of completely new types of cards that can be used in the existing Splinterlands battle game.

It is expected that, once fully developed and released, this will help propel the entire product to a new level in terms of nearly every metric including player growth, retention, and spend, and should also drive significant value to the SPS token which will be tightly integrated into all aspects of the expansion.

For additional information about the land expansion, please see the following Splinterlands blog posts:

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