LICENSE Token Sale

LICENSE tokens are available to be purchased within the shop on the Splinterlands website or by submitting the appropriate transaction to the Hive blockchain. LICENSE tokens are currently transferrable via the Splinterlands game website as well as on the Hive Engine platform.

The pricing for the licenses is shown in the table below. There will be 60,000 licenses available in total, and as each phase sells out, the next phase licenses will be available at the increased price point. Please note that there will be no difference between licenses sold in the presale phase or any other phases other than the purchase price.

It is important to note that licenses do not expire, so they are eligible to continue earning SPS and VOUCHER token rewards indefinitely. This means that the earlier you purchase licenses the lower the price you can "lock in" ahead of time and then take advantage of any price increases in the tokens for as long as the project is running.

Each tranche of the sale (with the exception of the Presale) will allow VOUCHER tokens to be used to receive up to a 50% discount on the price. For example, in Tranche 1 the voucher discount rate is $3.00, which means that each voucher token spent will reduce the price by $3.00. Since the maximum discount is 50%, that means that you can spend up to 500 VOUCHER to reduce the price from $3,000 to $1,500. This allows VOUCHER tokens to always have value when it comes to buying licenses, while also not making them required.

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