Play to Earn & Reward Pools

New SPS tokens will initially be added to the various reward pools at a rate of 37,500,000 tokens per month and will decrease uniformly across all reward pools at a rate of 1% per month, meaning that after one year the monthly contribution rate to the reward pools will drop to 33,239,400 and after 5 years it will have dropped to 20,518,400 SPS per month. These rewards will end after 65 months and at that point no more SPS tokens will be created.

The planned reward pools and the amount of the initial 37,500,000 monthly total rewards allocated to each can be found in the table below. Details about how to earn SPS from each reward pool can be found in the following subsections of this document.

Please keep in mind that once released, all of these details including, but not limited to, the amount of SPS added to the reward pools each month and how the rewards are distributed may be changed by a vote of staked SPS token holders. All information contained herein describes only how the system is planned to be set up at the initial launch, and it will be up to the token holders to decide whether or not to keep it or change it.

Reward Pool

Initial SPS Tokens / Month

Ranked Battles


SPS Staking Rewards


LP Incentives


Land Expansion


SPS Validator Node Rewards


Tournament Prizes


Guild Brawls


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