SPS Chain

The Splintershards (SPS) token is planned to operate via an open-source software package that will allow the token and all related smart contracts to be run and verified by anyone, anywhere in the world, anonymously, and without any control from the Splinterlands company or any other organization or entity.

This software will utilize the Hive blockchain as the "layer 1" where all related transactions will be published. The software will validate all of the relevant transactions published to the Hive blockchain and maintain the current state of SPS token balances and all related smart contract data. This will effectively create a "layer 2" blockchain platform which will be referred to as "SPS Chain".

Initially, SPS Chain will handle all transactions and smart contracts relating to the SPS, VOUCHER, and LICENSE tokens, however over time we hope to migrate all Splinterlands assets and contracts to SPS Chain, including DEC, cards, land, marketplaces, etc. This will allow transactions, balances, and state for all of these assets and contracts to be independently computed and validated by anyone, anywhere, without any reliance on the Splinterlands company.

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