Token Distribution

SPS tokens will be issued / unlocked in a pre-determined schedule which lasts for approximately 65 months from the date that the token is first released.

The maximum total supply of SPS tokens will not exceed 3,000,000,000 which are planned to be allocated as follows:



% of Total

Release Schedule




Issued over 12 months

Foundation / DAO



Issued over 65 months

Private Sale



Unlocked over 10 months




Unlocked over 65 months

Partners / Advisors



Unlocked over 24 months

Play to Earn



Issued over 65 months

Staking / LP / Oracle Rewards



Issued over 65 months

Total Amount



The primary goal of the token is to reward Splinterlands players and asset holders, which is why 13.33% of the total token supply is going towards an airdrop which will be conducted over a 12 month period to holders of nearly all types of Splinterlands assets. For more information on the airdrop, please see the Airdrop section of this document.

Next, 10% of the total token supply will be added into a foundation which will be controlled exclusively by the DAO. 50,000,000 of the foundation tokens will be issued on day one and the remainder will be released in even increments over the remaining 64 months. This means that SPS token holders will be able to submit proposals and vote on how/if those funds should be used. For more information please see the Governance Voting System section of this document.

6.66% will be offered directly in a private sale to a select group of advisors and influencers who will help promote both the token and the Splinterlands product to their audiences and networks and generally help ensure that the project is successful. Tokens purchased as part of the private sale will be subject to a vesting period with 10% of the tokens vesting and becoming liquid every month for a total of 10 months. All proceeds from the sale will go towards the development, promotion, and ongoing maintenance of the SPS token and ecosystem.

9% of the total token supply will be unallocated and available for the token holders to allocate in the future for any purpose they wish via the governance proposal system. As of the most recent update, a portion of these tokens have been allocated to a reward pool for the Soulkeep (Tower Defense) game that is still in the process of being finished and released.

1% of the token supply will be reserved for partners and advisors to the project who will work with the SPS token team and assist and/or provide advice on all areas of the project as well as help to market and promote the project. These tokens will be unlocked in 12 monthly increments starting one year from the launch of the SPS token.

Finally, the remaining 60% of the total token supply will go towards rewarding players, SPS holders, liquidity providers, and validator node operators. These tokens will be released on a fixed schedule over the 65 month period and go into separate pools for the various different areas to be rewarded. Please see the Play to Earn & Reward Pools section of this document for the full distribution schedule and breakdown of these rewards.

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