VOUCHER tokens are transferrable reward tokens within the SPS ecosystem which can be earned by staking SPS or by holding LICENSE tokens (for more information about LICENSE tokens, please see the Validator Node Licenses section of this document).

The primary use of VOUCHER tokens will be for discounts and promotions both from the SPS DAO and within the Splinterlands game. Some examples of how VOUCHER tokens can be used include getting bonus packs for bulk purchases, getting discounts on pack and promo card purchases, and getting discounts on LICENSE token purchases. In the future we expect VOUCHER tokens to be used for discounts within the Secret of Praetoria expansion to Splinterlands as well as for things like building maintenance in the planned update for the guild system.

There are currently two VOUCHER token distribution pools - one for staked SPS holders and one for LICENSE token holders. Both of these pools distribute 20,000 (20k) VOUCHER tokens per day split evenly among SPS stakers and LICENSE token holders respectively based on the amount of tokens each account has staked or holds relative the total across all accounts.

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