Offers & Promotions

Once Splintershards are released, nearly every offer and promotion offered by Splinterlands going forward will either require certain amounts of SPS tokens to be staked in order to participate, or provide significant bonuses to players who have SPS tokens staked.
As an example, recently Splinterlands ran some promotions where players would receive free assets from other games with a certain amount of Untamed booster packs purchased. Going forward, any similar promotions will require a certain amount of SPS tokens to be staked in the purchaser's account in order to participate, and the more SPS tokens staked the more free assets they will be eligible to receive with the required purchase.
Additionally, promotions such as airdrops may provide increased chances of receiving airdropped cards and/or gold foil versions of the card based on the number of SPS tokens the player has staked in their account. Please note that this will not apply to any airdrops that have been previously announced such as the remaining ones for the Untamed and AZMARE Dice pack purchases.
Splinterlands intends to run offers and promotions with staked SPS requirements on a regular basis in order to encourage players to hold and stake SPS tokens as much as possible.
Finally, Splinterlands also intends to add SPS staking as an entry requirement for certain tournaments. This means that in addition to providing access to offers, promotions, and other bonuses, staking SPS tokens will also allow players to compete for larger tournament prize pools.